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Who can do a triathlon?

Everyone can do a triathlon! If you want to strengthen your physical state, do a workout, and feel a breathtaking sense of competitions, triathlon is what you need. 

Triathlon is a modern and breathtaking type of sports, which tests endurance and resilience, suitable for all ages and abilities. The main purpose is a completion of 3 disciplines: swimming, cycling and running. Time is calculated since the start of swimming including all transitions and running. Transitions are the phases when athletes pass from swimming to biking, and from biking to running. Teamwork is allowed and even recommended for newcomers.


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Специальный сайт и "Стена славы". Как астанчан хотят "подсадить" на триатлон


В Нур-Султане открылся офис городской Федерации триатлона. Во время открытия генеральный секретарь столичной федерации Арман Таженов рассказал о предс ...

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New triathlon club in Nur-Sultan


Age group athletes' community is actively growing up in our city.

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Juniors gain experience


The first win of juniors at the Republican championship. Congratulations to young triathletes and their coach with the first excellent results of hard ...

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